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The line between dream and reality

Land of dreams

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This is a community for people, who love daydreaming anytime anywhere.
Once you've become a member of this community, you can tells us about your deepest secrets, wishes, desires, dreams. And of course you can share your daydreams with us.
I recommend you introduce yourself after joining the community, so everyone knows who you are and all.
I hope you enjoy this community and lets make it the best one ever!

1. We have this theme every week and the members must try to stick within the theme whilst writing about their dreams.
2. If you're not writing about your dreams, then you can go off-topic, as long as it isn't anything offencive or anything.
3. You can vote for themes for next weeks whenever you see a new entry by the creator of this community, gothic_poison, the theme titles are numbered so you can't miss them.
4. Please be polite to everyone, no offencive comments.
5. Enjoy your time on our lovely community and join it if you already haven't!
6. NEW "RULE"! We're dropping the theme thing off, unless someone has something against it, but otherwise you can post any dream you have on here, we´re more than happy to read about them.


The creator, the allmighty ruler of this community:

She isn't a strict "ruler", but she likes it if people follow at least most of the rules ;)