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Leeeeeeeeeeeeeets doooo the time warp agaiiiiiiiiin!!! - The line between dream and reality [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Leeeeeeeeeeeeeets doooo the time warp agaiiiiiiiiin!!! [Feb. 2nd, 2004|02:07 pm]


[The state of the dream |awakeawake]
[The dreamy voice that calls me into the night |RENT- Contact]

So, the other day, I was talking to some of my friends on IM. We were talking about how cool gay guys are and how if we were guys, we'd want to be gay....and maybe cross-dressers.

So, anyway...Later that day, when I was trying to concentrate on my Chemistry work, I started to daydream about random things...
And it turned into me being in RHPS (Rocky Horror Picture Show)!!! Bwahaha! I looooooooove love looooooooooooove the music and the characters! *dies*

Anyway, it was me and a couple of friends, at first. The girls were dressed as the guys, and viceversa. So, we were dancing around in the mall, singing Time Warp, and as we danced by the stores, people would come out, dressed in crazy RHPS outfits, and join in. ...And then, right after Time Warp ended, a familiar beat played in the background...

Some people ripped off their RHPS outfits, to reveal different once, as other people were running around with long, flowy sheets. Then, a few people (guys and girls) were checking out a hot guy that was walking by, kind of whooting and whistling at him. Then, the next thing I knew, everyone was singing, "Hot, hot, hot! Sweat sweet! Wet, wet, wet! Red heat!" (Contact from RENT)

So everyone was running around, play-slapping each other and doing vulgar movements whilst singing stuff like, "Fluid-no, fluid-no! Contact-yes! Nooo contact!" People started running around to find partners and sing, "Take me! Take me! Take me! AAAAAH!!!" Everyone really started to get into the music and dancing and RIGHT when it was getting really good someone said, "OH! I slipped! Shit!" and everyone joined in saying, "It was bad for me! Was it bad for you?" "It's over!" ...

The end. *bows*

[User Picture]From: mothpie
2004-02-03 01:10 am (UTC)
I've never seen RHPS but that sounds like a damn funny daydream!!!!
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[User Picture]From: jeffybean
2004-02-03 07:03 am (UTC)
OOOH! See it! It's great!!!

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